Guidance for Creative Personal Development

Todd Mitchell

Focused guidance designed around your individual needs to help you actualize your creative and personal potential.

Creators deserve support. Get expert one-on-one holistic support from an award-winning author, teacher, and creativity researcher, and save yourself years of struggle.

Meet Todd

“I’m passionate about helping fellow creators flourish.”

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"I was on my last semester of my MFA when I was assigned Todd Mitchell as my mentor, and that semester working with him was worth my entire MFA program. So much so that I decided to add a semester I didn’t need to graduate, just so that I could work with him some more. He provides thoughtful and detailed insights that are invaluable to a writer or creative.”

“Todd is a writer whisperer. After six years of feeling lost and disconnected, Todd gently—yet swiftly!—shepherded me back to my creative self and helped me rekindle my love of writing. And when I asked for insights into my story, I was blown away. He quickly illuminated character and story solutions that had eluded me for YEARS. I’ve worked with a few big-name agents, editors, and consultants, and Todd is in a league of his own, bringing some kind of hard-earned magic to get to the heart of what you seek.”

“Every time I work with Todd, I walk away with a hopeful and resolute feeling about my writing. He taught me how to embrace the joy of creating, simply for its own sake. He understands, and has lived through, the same darkness I’ve encountered in my creative life. Knowing I’m not alone in that struggle has been incredibly important. He’s such a thoughtful and engaging teacher with a beautiful heart. I think anyone can benefit from the shift in perspective he offers through his creative coaching.”


Writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs—anyone who feels called to create and wants to enhance their creative practice while saving themselves years of struggle.

I’ve worked with a wide-range of creators, from beginners to bestsellers. I provide compassionate support, craft insights, and career guidance for creators at any stage in the process.

The creative path can be a challenging one. You don’t have to walk it alone.

I’m happy to work with anyone who feels a creative calling. My greatest areas of experience are with writing fiction (all genres including YA, middle grade, picture books, sci-fi, fantasy, and adult literary fiction), memoir, creative nonfiction, graphic novel/comics, screenplays, and poetry.

If you’ve ever struggled with:

By working one-on-one with an attentive expert who has twenty-five years of experience helping creators achieve their dreams you can save yourself years of struggle, and thousands of dollars spent on courses, conferences, and graduate programs.

“Todd has the unique ability to breakdown difficult writing concepts, making them feel approachable, clear, and manageable. His mentorship approach is holistic, honoring the inherent creativity in all writers. Working with Todd allowed me plenty of room for authentic discovery and joyful exploration in my own process. He helped me come to understand the revision process in a whole new light. For years, I saw it as something to be tackled and feared. Instead, Todd taught me how to embrace it and listen to my work, learning how to enjoy the process with an open heart and meaningful curiosity. Time and time again, he has reminded me of why I love this crazy process.”


Creative Personal Development focuses on practical and effective insights into how to actualize your creative potential, learn from your creative calling, and meet your creative goals. This can include:

Creative Project Coaching

Discover healthy, productive ways to set goals that you want to reach while establishing more sustainable, effective, and enjoyable creative practices.

Book/Project Guidance

Reduce mental isolation by getting expert feedback and guidance on large projects such as writing novels, memoirs, story/essay collections, screenplays, scripts, and graphic novels.

Reawakening your Creativity

Feeling stuck, or creatively blocked? Let's work on reestablishing a healthy, productive relationship with creativity.

Overcoming Doubt, Procrastination, and Fear

We’ll go beyond productivity hacks to address the root causes of doubt, procrastination, fear, resistance, and other blocks that might be holding you back from becoming the wonderful creator you’re called to be.

Creative Healing

Discover ways to address wounds and traumas through creativity so that you can consciously engage the creative process as a way to develop awareness, healing, and a better understanding of your self.

Creative Living Guidance and Support

No idea is more harmful to creators than the myth that we must create alone. By working with a compassionate guide you can establish a healthier creative mindset and make creative living more sustainable and rewarding.

Project Accountability

After setting healthy goals, it’s vital to have someone who can support you in reaching those goals while providing validating accountability.

Targeted Craft Development

I have decades of experience helping creators develop their craft in fiction, nonfiction, and CNF. By identifying the most effective areas to work on, we can explore ways to efficiently improve story, character, voice, scene, world-building, and other skills.

Connection with Resources

Expert guidance and support on connecting with creative resources (publishers, editors, agents, writing conferences, etc...) to help you reach the next stage in your creative journey.

Narrative Structure Guidance and Feedback

Save yourself months of agony by getting professional feedback at any stage in the process on story and character ideas and passages.

Project Problem Solving

Feel like a story or project you’re attempting isn’t working? We can fix that while working on ways to unlock greater creativity.

Revision and Publishing Guidance

Get experienced help navigating the tricky stages of revision and publishing (finding an audience, agent, editor, or other ways to honor your creative calling by sharing your work with others).

I can provide ongoing support—weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—or I can design a package of services to help you complete a specific project or meet specific goals.

*Note: The services I provide are different from book editing. Together we'll focus on your creative goals while working to address the root causes of blocks so that you can enact significant and lasting changes. By taking a holistic approach, my goal is to help you flourish creatively, personally, & professionally.

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